About Us

The Youth Empowerment Group (Y.E.G.) is the youth collective of the Africa Centre which works towards presenting a hub of diverse African and Afro-Caribbean communities in the City of Edmonton.

Our History

Between our elders and children, Africa Centre recognizes that the youth are often a forgotten group. For this reason, the youth of Africa Centre created a collective in September 2012 called YEG (the Youth Empowerment Group). After two years of youth-led discussions with participants ranging from newcomers to high school and post-secondary students from across Edmonton. The youth began holding youth-led meetings at their new satellite location on the south side, closer to their post-secondary institutions. As a subset of Africa Centre, the youth hold the same core values and principles of the greater organization and also presents itself as the hub of the youth of the greater community.

Our Mission



We are currently organizing the first Edmonton-based youth-led conference, which will address the challenges faced by African and Afro-Caribbean youth across Edmonton. This community-based initiative presents an open and inclusive space that works collaboratively towards tackling diverse issues that we find are shared across communities. For more info, check out #theComeUp.